Container Security

Enterprises today use agile practices to deliver software more faster.Container technology has emerged as a means of packaging and deploying applications.But before deployement we need to think about security throughout the layers of the solution stack.In this ocean of threats and malwares we help you manage container vulnerabilities,tighten user access control and reduce container attack surface.

Container Security

Securing containers is a lot like securing any running process. Before you deploy and run your container one needs to think about security throughout the layers of the solution stack. You also need to think about security throughout the application and container life cycle.We at AppPerfect help to evaluate the processes, governance and compliance (GRC), so that an integral security can be succeeded.

  1. Runtime Container Protection

    Restrict container access to host and network resources, detect and prevent configuration errors, exploits and attacks.

  2. Continuous Image Assurance

    Vulnerability and malware scan for images stored in Docker Hub or Docker Trusted Registry.

  3. CIS Benchmark Validation

    Automated checks and validation of hardening best practices by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

  4. Secrets Management

    Securely manage secrets across your environment, regardless of orchestration tool. We provide services to achieve security through your existing infrastructure or third party tools available.

  5. Granular Event Logging

    Help you configure, log and monitor important access events, commands, container activity and system events for your running containers.

  6. We help achieve container security for teams using Docker, Kubernetes and other cloud-native tools. From securing containers at runtime, to enforcing compliance across the CI/CD pipeline.

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