Functional Testing is a testing technique that is used to test the functionality of the software product. Functional testing is one of the primary activity of quality assurance testing process to ensure expected behavior of the product. It ensures compliance of a system or component against its specified functional requirements to ensure proper functionality.
To increase the level of functional traits a software product needs to undergo a specific and functional quality based software testing, which verify and validates the functionalities against the business and the user requirements so as to stand on the expectations of the users. At this point of time, we need functional testing services.

Why do you need Functional Testing services?

The main idea of functional testing is to look at the finished product and determine whether it does everything that it is supposed to do. Hence,
functional testing is not limited to functionalities only. It also covers other essential aspects, such as basic usability, accessibility etc. Traditionally, functional testing is implemented by testers. Testers have more responsibility than developers in terms of the quality of the product. In Functional testing, testers capture requirements and provide confidence to developers that under testing product meets requirements and to confirm that product is ready for production release. Performing functional testing services at the UI level is critical as it can exhibit a number of deficiencies. At this time we need quality functional testing services from a reputed company.

What AppPerfect offers in Functional Testing services?

While functional testing services provided by AppPerfect to its clients are aligned to their requirements and the specifications provided by them.
AppPerfect’s dedicated team of QA professionals test every aspect of the solution. That include installation processes, security features and outcome in different environments. Functional testing provided by AppPerfect includes:
1. System integration testing: For effective functioning of a software system its sub-components or modules needs to be properly integrated and tested.

2. Regression Testing: Before a new version of a software product is released, the old test cases are run against the new version of the product to ensure that all the old functionalities still work.

3. User Acceptance Testing: The software product needs to meet the expectation of the end users in the real world environment.

4. Functional Test Automation: With the help of automation tools testing is carried out parallel to the development process.

What makes our functional testing unique?

AppPerfect’s functional testers with versatile skills and years of experience know how to optimize the software quality. Our professionals have experience working with many common open source functional testing solutions like Selenium, SoapUI, Cucumber, Appium, Selendroid, Robotium or any other functional testing solution of your choice.
So if you are looking into the best functional testing services around the globe then, please get in touch with us or contact at or visit the website and have a live chat with the support team.