Be Ready For Holidays: E-Commerce Website Load Testing

The holiday season is coming up in a few days, and everyone is ready. Is your E-commerce website is ready for this holiday season? If the answer is YES then its good. If your answer is NO then What are you doing man? The holiday season is like a big game which is the final exam of your e-commerce website. At that time if your website performs well then you will get more profit otherwise you will lose your sales.

In holiday season there is a large rush on the e-commerce website. People buys clothes, mobiles, footwear, home appliances and much more. Therefore, you must be ready for the unexpected traffic on your website. On a heavy user load if your website crashes then your customers will move on to your competitors and obviously, you will lose your sales. At this time you want to optimize website performance by focusing on response time and also on mobile performance. You will also want to choose a performance testing tool that will meet your demands for the holiday season.

Focus On Response Time and Load Time

In the modern era of web development, website development becomes so complex because a lot of fancy things are added in it. these fancy things are responsive design, carousels, custom fonts and high-resolution images. A slow application that crashes or has a high response time leaves the user unsatisfied. Consumers simply have no patience to sit around and wait. Consequently, page load times are extremely important for end users to have a great experience. As we know that in the e-commerce website high-resolution images are used. Because of this images take a lot of time in rendering. If you are using image optimization techniques like file size reduction then it will help you for the big game.

Focus on user Experience

A good user experience design will make visitors stay on your website. A bad one makes them go to your competitors. Therefore it’s your primary goal to bind your consumers with the website. Before making it visible to the end user you must check that the website is user-friendly or not. If your website is user-friendly then you don’t have to worry about the sales.

You should also think about the mobile version of your website. Statistics have found that 81% of mobile web consumers use their phones for shopping. Also, 20.8% of all online traffic on a holiday season came from smartphones.

Consumer never wait and sit

A saying is Bus, train and consumer never wait for you. A consumer is the only person whom you want to impress by your website. If your website is not prepared for them then business will suffer. Statistics have found that 40% of users will simply abandon a page if loading time takes more than three seconds. Also, the 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

Find a Tool that Fits Your Requirements

In conclusion, If your e-commerce website is going to take a big hit this upcoming holiday season. If you have not considers any website performance testing tool then it is the right time. You must use one of the tools which fit your requirements. You can use AppPerfect Load Test for the load and performance testing of your e-commerce website. It is one of the freeware tools and also has a lot of load testing functionality. Hence, If you have an e-commerce website and you are committed to defect free service then I suggest not to take any risk and test your site with AppPerfect Load Test.

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