In today’s world, each and every business wants to spread exponentially. Every business wants to provide its services via the web application. Nowadays web applications have become the soul of almost any business. Over the years, count of the web application has tremendously increased. However, with the increasing number of web applications, issues related to web applications are inevitable.

Now it’s important to find performance problems and eliminate them before they affect users in the first place.There are various factors that help in addressing performance related issues in a web application, including a good maintenance program or a performance testing tool like AppPerfect Load Test.
However, no matter how careful you are when developing a web application but things happen anyway. So let’s have a look on some of the common performance related issues are discussed below.

Poorly written code for web application

The web application can be embarrassed by inefficient code, memory leaks, synchronization issues. Ineffectual algorithms can also cause application deadlock. Other than this some of other factors responsible for performance degradation of a web application.
To overcome this situation make sure that your developers are using best coding practices and also using some automated tools.

Inefficient performance of database

The database is the core of performance. If the database isn’t performing correctly, the app won’t either. Common causes of database performance issues include locking and contention, missing indexes and inefficient queries. An optimized database guarantees high-level of security and performance in production. So if you want to make your database optimized then you must use indexing in the SQL queries and also remove the inefficient queries.

Configuration Settings

If your web application is not properly configured then the application will not run properly. Your application must be properly tuned. So it’s a duty of you to check every setting available for the application, including the thread counts, permissions, and allocated memory.

Inadequate load balancing

Lack of load balancing or Improper distribution of load can havoc on the web application. Poor load balancing can cause slow response time. If a server receives too many requests then it will be ruined out.
So it is advisable to use load testing tools like AppPerfect load test for load testing of your application and server.


It could be connectivity trouble that’s causing performance issues with web applications. DNS can cause an issue by preventing users from accessing their web application. DNS routing, the latency between systems, firewall capacity can lead to the connectivity issues.
To overcome or avoid these issue in connectivity you must use some DNS monitoring tools.


Poorly designed architecture can have a massive impact on the performance of the web application. If you are not choosing right technology and framework for developing your web application that it leads to a big trouble. Poor design, lack of scalability and bad network configuration are the issues that will give problems to your web application.

Third Party Services

If your web application is using some third party services which are on some other’s server then it can give some slowdown. Therefore, this issue is out of control. To avoid this issue you must determine that the problem in on your side or that of some external service. Hence, try to make some changes in the design and make sure that your off-service provider guarantees performance.

Shared Environment

In today’s world, the dependency of web application on the virtual machine is increasing. The cloud computing environment built on the premises of shared resource. Therefore, it is important to watch out the noisy neighbor because it can drag your application down.

In conclusion, I want to say that if you want to run your web application like a boss then you must keep this problem in your mind. You can use some performance testing tool like AppPerfect load test to load test of your web application. So, If you are looking into some performance testing tool and want to get more information about it then click here.