App development companies – What do you need from them?

In today’s fast-paced world each and every business wants to spread exponentially. Every business wants to provide its services via the application. In this era of technology, people are wondering what really is app development. App development is the process of creating software product in a planned or structured manner. Application development follows all the phases of the software development lifecycle(SDLC). App development is the activity of computer programming, which is the process of writing and maintaining the source code to perform some functional tasks. In a broader sense, the app development also includes research, new development, re-engineering, modification, maintenance, or any other activities that result in the finished application.

Requirement of App Development Companies

In the growing competition, thousands of applications are available in the market. Some of the applications are free and others are licensed. For making your business more popular you must need an app because an app is your blank billboard sign. If you want to get success in the industry then your app must be innovative. In conclusion, innovation is a new invention. Basically, app development is an art. So for creating an innovative app, a company needs a team of artists. These artists are the person who can imagine the real world scenario with the required business logic. If you want to get a powerful app, it must be robust in performance so you must hire the services of the best app development companies.

Strategies for development

Each company uses different policies for developing an app because an app requires a variety of tasks or activities for it. In a development of the application, every company follows some industry standards. The standards depend on the type of the application. It would be a mobile application or a web application. As I mentioned earlier the application development is a process of development of software product in an orderly manner, which is the part of software development lifecycle. Hence we can say that the first strategy in the development of an application follows the SDLC. This software engineering process composed of various activities such as requirement analysis, specification, software architecture, implementation, testing, documentation, and maintenance.

In the development of an application, each company also follows some process model. It is the predictable processes or methodologies that improve productivity and quality of the application. Let’s go through some of the process models used in the industry.
1. Waterfall-model: This is a well known and oldest process that follows the SDLC phases sequentially.
2. Iterative process: Commercial developers prefer Iterative processes because it allows a potential of reaching the design goals of a customer who does not know how to define what he wants.

Some of the app development companies also follow the Agile process model. Agile development processes are the part of iterative development. Agile processes seem to be more efficient than older methodologies. Other than these, companies follow the strategies to divide work between teams for building an efficient application. Each team has its own work. We can say the development team writes the business logic by using any suitable programming language. The QA team performs the functional testing or performance testing for the modules created by the development team as well as finding the bug in the final product.

What do We need from the app development Companies?

The primary need of any application is that it must fulfill all the business requirements. The company must provide the app development services in a scalable way. The company which is building the app should provide service in such a way that the new feature could be added later at any time. In other words, the changes can be made easily in an existing product. The development company should use agile or hybrid agile methodologies for creating the application resulting in robust app development.

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