In a computer system, a cluster is a group of independent servers that are interconnected through a dedicated network and behave like a single system. Hence it provides high reliability, parallel processing, load balancing and efficient throughput. Clusters are established on various nodes which communicate among themselves for effective working and provide high availability of services for clients. When a failure occurs on one cluster, resources redirect and the workload is redistributed to another computer in the cluster. Cluster Monitoring is the process of assessing the performance of cluster entities either as individual nodes or as a collection. It can be done over a cluster of nodes or over the cluster of clusters.

Advantages of Clustering Servers

As we know cluster servers can be used as a failover system, a load balance system or a parallel processing unit. It is completely a scalable solution. Hence, You can add resources to the cluster afterward. The other advantage of clustering server is, If a server in the cluster needs any maintenance, you can stop it while handing the load over to other servers.

Need of Cluster Monitoring

With the growing need of clusters to offer reliable and fast performance, the need for its monitoring comes handy. Let’s have a look why cluster monitoring is necessary:

  • To ensure that the cluster is functionally stable and working efficiently or not.
  • To get information about the communication & interoperability between various nodes of the cluster.
  • Get real time data for nodes of the cluster and to avoid degrading the performance of the application.

Cluster Monitoring with AppPerfect

AppPerfect Cluster Monitoring is the process of monitoring the consistency, status, health of various nodes of a cluster or a combination of clusters. AppPerfect cluster monitoring service provide a real-time view of the nodes and also provide custom metrics for a better understanding of your cluster nodes. It also helps you monitor cluster network traffic between various nodes with our cluster monitoring services.
Hence, AppPerfect offers Cluster Monitoring solution in the form of AppPerfect Agentless Monitor. AppPerfect’s Cluster Monitoring is the ideal solution to monitor your clusters. With the help of AppPerfect Agentless Monitor, you can monitor Kafka Server, Hazelcast Server, and ActiveMQ Server.