What is database Monitoring?

Database monitoring is a process of monitoring the performance and crucial parameters of the databases. The crucial parameters include Key Read/Write requests, Table locks, Threads information, Memory consumption, Connections information, Transaction Rate, User Call Rate etc. It helps you monitor the database for performance and robustness. One of the most responsible task for a database administrator is database monitoring. It also provides extensive information about the database or database server so that necessary steps can be taken before a breakdown of vital business processes occurs.

Why Database Monitoring?

In the era of computing, Databases are a critical component of the information technology infrastructure. Therefore, database Monitoring helps database administrators and system administrators by notifying potential database performance problems. If the database performance crosses a given threshold then database monitoring tools send a notification to the administrator. This tools also executes database queries to collect performance statistics.

In today’s world, Database security is a major concern. In past, a hacker stole $45 million from ATMs by breaching several bank databases and make simple alterations that allowed thieves to siphon cash. Database monitoring helps by tracking users with specific privileges in the system as well as sounding the alarm when any odd changes to data are noticed.

How should be the ideal database monitoring software?

1. The database server monitoring software needs to ensure high availability of database servers. It should be able to query the database to collect various database metrics and statistics.
2. It must analyze the number of user connections to the databases at various times.
3. It must keep track on the buffer cache size, database connection, and database size.
4. It must analyze the usage trends and take actions before critical incidents occur.

Therefore, monitoring tools help you to increase application availability and database performance. It also detects database outages, failures, and table corruption. It should also have a notification system to send alerts or potential problems if the performance is degraded or a flaw is detected thus ensuring the database works optimally.

Types of Database Monitoring

By using database monitoring you can speed up the performance of the database and also it makes your application robust. Let’s go through some of the database monitoring.

MySQL Monitoring

MySQL is one of the most popular open source relational database server in the world and it is owned by Oracle Corporation. Is your database is running slowly? Is your database failing to serve queries for any reason? You can find out the answers to the questions by using MySQL monitoring. In this monitoring, you can monitor the query throughput, connections, query execution performance, buffer pool size and much more.

DB2 Database Monitoring

DB2 is a relational database from IBM that efficiently stores, retrieves and manages data for many websites and applications. You can speed up your query performance by monitoring the crucial problems. You can monitor SQL statement activities, application status, buffer pool, catalog cache, locks and deadlocks and much more.

Oracle Database Monitoring

The Oracle Database consists of a relational database management system (RDBMS) produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. In the Oracle database monitor, you can monitor transaction rate, log buffer, calls per transaction, shared pool size and much more.

MS SQL Database Monitoring

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational web hosting database that is used to store website information like blog posts or user information. You can monitor SQL statistics, deadlock, latches, buffer size and pool size and much more.

Database Query Monitoring

It helps you to monitor the number of rows retrieved as the output of query execution on the database. for example, If the row count is greater than 0 in an error table, you will get notified of some failure in database functionality.

Database Monitoring with AppPerfect.

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