Difference Between Mobile Application and Web Application Testing

In today’s fast-paced world, Smartphones and mobile devices become the essential part of human’s life. Mobile application and web application become one of the most important factors for any fledgling business. The first hand-held mobile phone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973. This handset weighing around 4.4 pounds. In 1983, the first cell phone hit the commercial market. The mobile market has rapidly innovated from weighted 4.4 pounds to just a few ounces handset which contains a large number of applications.

We are people on the planet who has seen a transformation from desktop to the web and is witnessing another transition from web to mobile. Mobile application testing is almost same as web application testing because of both shares the same basic principle for testing. But in depth, there is a thin layer between this two. Let’s have a look:

Supported Platforms and Devices

Web applications are targeted to the browsers whereas the mobile applications are targeted to the different platforms. Mobile applications need more testing as compared to the web applications. The first key point in mobile testing is to ensure that the application is supported by almost all the brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC etc and also on all the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry etc.

User Interface and User Interaction

A good user interface will make visitors stay on your application. Therefore, your primary goal is to bind your consumers. Responsive design is relatively easy for the web application but we know mobile devices are much smaller. But aligning images and text becomes a real challenge for the mobile application because of its screen size.

Mobile Application’s Dependency on Emulators and Simulators

Testing of a mobile application on an emulator is the best in the development phase. In the later stages, it needs to be done on actual devices. Testing on the real device gives the tester a feel of real user interactions. However, it is a good choice to test mobile application on real devices. Other than this, web applications do not require any emulator or simulator. They are directly tested on the browser. In addition to this, web application requires Cross Browser Testing.

Internet Access

Typically, all web applications always require the Internet connection except some off-line web application. In the terms of mobile application which may not need online access. However, when there is a need of the Internet then the testers must take the factors of 3G and 4G along with the Wi-Fi.

In conclusion, If you are looking into the testing of the web application or mobile application then you must be aware of the minor difference between them. However, If you are looked out for the testing of the web or the mobile application then you can use AppPerfect Load Test and AppPerfect Web Test.

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