Distributed Load Testing is the process of load testing in which multiple machines/systems are used for load testing. In other words, multiple systems are used for simulating the load of a large number of users. It is required when a single system unable to produce a large number of user load for the application or server. As we know load tests demonstrate how well the system performs when faced with real-world demands. However, Distributed load testing enhance the load testing because it generates a large number of virtual users. It generates immense amounts of traffic that can’t be replicated from a single testing location.

Need of Distributed Load Testing?

In a survey, Amazon found that a 100ms load time increase led to one percent sales decline. Suppose a business that hosts its site in Peris and operates all over the world then the admin of the site has no idea that the users of New York having a smooth experience or not. The main reason for using more than one machine in load testing is the limitation of a single machine to generate a large number of users. It also provides access to a network of hundreds of servers across the globe. However dedicated load testing is more expensive than distributed load testing. In dedicated load testing, you get a limited number of virtual users which makes it limited to scale load testing. Hence, this can not fulfill your requirements as well as not able to take an exam of your application or server.

What are the other Options?

Apart from this, we can also perform load testing over the cloud. Load testing on cloud provides several advantages like fast deployment, no maintenance and easily scalable. In general, the distributed load testing follows master-slave paradigm. Where one machine is master and other instances are slaves. For distributed load testing each machine must have a load test instance installed. There are a lot of load testing product available in the market and most of them support the distributed load testing. You can use Apache JMeter and also Blazemeter which is a cloud-based service compatible with Apache JMeter. Other than this product if you don’t want to take a headache then you can use AppPerfect load test which does not require any other software installation.

Distributed Load testing using AppPerfect Load Test

AppPerfect Load Test is one of the best product for distributed load testing. It can generate an unlimited number of virtual users so that you can measure stress testing for your server or application. To perform distributed load testing using AppPerfect load test then all machine must have installed the product. If you want to get more information about the distributed load testing using AppPerfect Load Test then please click here.