Functional Testing – How to make Application Reliable

Functional testing is a part of quality assurance process in which the functionality of the software product is tested against its functional requirements. In today’s ever changing world with evolving technology, software or application development is not an easy task. An application comprises a lot of components. Each provides some specific functionality for the application. For the robust functioning of the application, all the components work mutually. So at this point of time, the application requires in-depth functional testing.

Functional Testing Types:

There are several types of functional testing to assure the quality of the system. Let’s go through some of the types described below:

1. Unit Testing: Unit testing ensures that every line of code executes properly. A developer starts this type of testing to check the component developed so far. The developer is responsible for ensuring that each detail of the implementation is logically correct. It serves as a purpose of documentation of code development, as each unit of the code is thoroughly tested as a standalone before progressing to another unit.

2. Regression testing: Regression testing ensures new changes did not adversely affect other parts of the system. It restricts the critical functions and there is often room for further software improvement and bug fixing. Therefore regression testing should be done frequently to ensure a baseline software quality is maintained.

3. Black box testing: Black box testing is a form of functionality testing in which critical functions are taken into consideration. Hence, this type of testing does not require any specific knowledge of the underlying implementation. In the black box testing a tester, without knowledge of the internal structures of an application, tests the application; providing inputs and verifying the outputs against the expected outcome.

4. System integration testing (SIT): System integration testing is a process that evaluates the software’s interoperability and interaction with other applications. It is important when the interaction between systems collaborates with the developed system.

5. User acceptance testing (UAT): User acceptance testing ensures the customer’s satisfaction with the system. Therefore, user acceptance testing points to test how well users communicate with the system, that it does what they expect and is easy to use. UAT reflects the final usability of the system. It is the final phase of testing before software deployment. Hence user acceptance testing determines the acceptance or rejection of the final product.

How to make application reliable using functional testing?

The main idea of functional testing is to look at the final product and determine whether it does everything as per the requirements. Hence, functional testing does not have any limits on functionalities. It also covers other essential aspects, such as basic usability, accessibility etc. In the process of functional testing, QA engineers are often concentrating on one particular part of the software, which gives them sufficient scope to fully analyze and test. If you want to make your application reliable then your app needs functional testing. There are a lot of testing tools available in the market. These tools ensure that all the functional parts of your application are performing well. Thus functional testing ensures quality assurance of your software product and application via the functional testing tools.

Functional Testing Techniques

As we know that the functional testing ensures if an application or system has desirable output or behavior. Therefore, functional testing has two popular techniques:

1. Requirements-based testing: This type of testing technique contains all the functional specifications which form a basis for all the tests which will conduct for the system.
2. Business scenarios-based testing: This type of testing technique contains all the information about how the system will be observed from a business perspective.


In conclusion, I want to say that a functional testing plays a major role in any application development process. Each and every application or software must pass through this testing because it ensures the quality of the product. Therefore, AppPerfect Corporation understands that present business environment is transforming digitally and becoming more innovative. AppPerfect experts aim to provide end-to-end business scenarios test coverage for your application. The company has developed functional testing tools which are freely available on its website. One of this is AppPerfect Web Test, a fully Automated Web Functional Testing and Regression Testing software. To know more about AppPerfect functional testing services, visit our website and get in touch with our professionals.

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