Performance testing is a technique in which a system is tested for its factors like responsiveness, throughput, reliability, and scalability under the various levels of workload. It investigates and measures the quality attributes of the system, such as speed, scalability, reliability and resource usage. Performance testing is a non-functional testing. These services can help in identifying various problems like software design issues, server configuration issues, and hardware limitation issues. Hence, performance testing services show how the different components of a system are performing under a given situation.

Performance testing techniques

However, Performance testing includes load testing, stress testing, soak testing, spike testing, configuration testing and isolation testing. Let’s go through some in detail.

1. Load Testing: Load testing assures that application behaves well under expected load and load peaks. It also helps in identifying the maximum operating capacity of an application, potential bottlenecks, and elements that may be contributing to performance degradation.

2. Stress Testing: Stress testing understands the upper limits of capacity within the system. Stress testing also determines how the system performs if the current load goes well above the expected maximum. It basically tests the system under failure scenarios.

3. Soak Testing: Soak testing determines application behavior under a typical load over a significant period of time. It checks if the system can sustain the continuous expected load.

4. Spike Testing: Spike testing is performed by increasing or decreasing the number of users suddenly by a very large amount and measuring the performance of the system.

Why Performance testing services?

In the Internet era, End users always expect information to be available at the single click and that the application provides a reliable user experience. Most of the software systems do well during development and another engineering cycle. However, as the product or service goes into production, the end users suffer as the software system is not able to deliver expected services with the desired efficiency. As we know the homepage typically gets the highest number of hits. You create bursts of users hitting the page. If this page crashes, it will break a large part of the system. At this point of time, we need Performance testing. It is always a good idea to hire the performance testing services from a reputed company like AppPerfect Corporation, that specializes in providing quality performance testing services for your software system.

Performance testing services with AppPerfect

AppPerfect’s Performance testing services help you in identifying which component failed in the production environment and why. AppPerfect performance testing tools provide automated tests in production to ensure functionality of each component is good or not.

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