Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding differences between given input and expected output. In other words, it is the process of validating and verifying that a software program meets the business and technical requirements or not. Software testing is essential to point out the bugs and errors that were made during the development phases. It makes sure of the software’s reliability and quality of the application. Let’s have a look into the most common software testing mistakes tester makes while performing a testing process.

Running Out of Testing Ideas

Software testing is an engineered task that must follow some standard test plans. Lack of the testing idea is the most common problem while testing on a project. Many times a tester doesn’t have any idea how and what to perform. Sometimes a tester may lose the ability to find new bugs and defects in the software because he/she think in only one direction. To overcome this situation and find defects or bugs in the software product then a tester must try all the combination of the test input and must think out of the box.

Fail to communicate with other team members

Communication is the key to software development and also for testing. Sometimes lack of communication leads to a big problem. Therefore, the most important skills a Tester needs to have is the ability to communicate well with different audiences like Software Developers, Managers, Product Owners, etc.

Missing the testing aims

Sometimes you are in a meeting where your manager and some members from development team talking about the cool ideas and the modules which must be tested carefully. At this situation, everyone knows all the things except you. Because you are an idiot, You have no idea what’s going on :). At this point in time nodding your head like you are able to understand all the things. But trust me, it’s a bad habit. You will not able to create the best test plan for testing. To overcome the situation you must have skills to ask relevant questions in the meeting to create the best plan for the testing.

Regression Testing

Whenever it’s time to regression testing. A tester doesn’t have enough support for time, talents and test environment. Continues regression testing is one of the keys to assure the quality of the application. In the process of software testing, due to lack of time and test environment tester never follow the regression testing methodology.

Begin software testing before understanding the requirements

This is also a common problem which occurs in software testing process. Sometimes a tester does not know the requirements and scope but starts the testing of the product. Therefore, Tester should read specifications, talk to the developers and product manager before the beginning of the testing. In conclusion, I want to say that software testing is not a joke it’s a serious matter. To make an application reliable, manual testing and also there is need of some automated testing tools. There are a lot of performance and load testing tools are available in the market. you can pick any as per your requirements.