Web application performance testing is a technique used for performance, load and stress testing of web applications, websites, web API, web servers and other web interfaces. You can easily analyze the performance of your website. It can be a mobile application, a web service or a custom ERP system.

Web application performance testing allows you to perform website performance testing by creating heavy load from a single or multiple workstations.

Why Web Application Performance Testing?

Sometimes experienced manual testers fail when we talk about Web Application Testing. There are number of reasons:
1. They don’t have the crucial skills for web application testing.
2. They don’t have proper tools for performance testing for a web application or a website.

A tester may be good at the testing website or web application manually and reports almost every bug while testing. However, when the same tester performs load or stress tests he/she can lackĀ either at the resource or skill level.

How It Works?

In Web application performance testing number of virtual users are created in just a minute. These virtual users execute concurrent sessions against your web application. You can have thousands of virtual users acting simultaneously on your web application performing any activity like reading or writing with your web server. These virtual users will repeat either recorded URLs or specified URL and allow the users to specify the number of times or iterations that the virtual users will have to repeat the recorded URLs. By doing so, this is useful to check for bottleneck and performance leakage in the website or web application being tested.

Web Application Performance Testing with AppPerfect.

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