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Version 15.0 released

Ready to try AppPerfect revamped products?

AppPerfect is pleased to announce new release of Monitoring and Testing products with enhanced features and compatibility with new OS versions. Download a free copy of the products now and make your monitoring and development more easier.

Agentless Monitor

Free for Unlimited usage

A new generation of monitoring products that do not follow the legacy agents-based approach to monitoring. At the heart of it is a sophisticated rules engine capable of sensing rule violations within seconds and alerting you immediately via its Dashboard UI, email, SMS, an HTML report or any custom notification mechanism preferred

Load Test

Unlimited Users & Load Generators at ZERO cost

A fully Automated Load test, Stress test and Performance Test solution. Most application performance and stability issues arise only when the server is stressed with a high user load. It helps you design and simulate thousands of users in a realistic manner which can be used to load test your application infrastructure for performance, reliability and scalability

Web Test

Automate your functional Testing for FREE

A fully Automated Web Functional testing and Regression testing software. Any application accessible via a Web browser can be tested. It is designed for developers as well as QA professionals and provides a rich set of features in an easy-to-use manner that makes developers and QA professionals productive immediately

Test Manager

Centralize your Test Automation at NO cost

A central data store where test requirement, AppPerfect project, project/test execution result and bugs get stored. It integrates tasks such as requirement specification, test planning, test execution, result analysis and bug tracking into one application to help you manage and control testing of your applications

Big Data Analytics - QueryIO

An Open source Big Data Analytics Product

A Hadoop-based SQL and Big Data Analytics solution used to store and analyze vast amounts of structured Big Data. It enables you to leverage the vast and mature infrastructure built around SQL and relational databases and utilize it for your Big Data Analytics needs

Operations and Monitoring

Our talented team has invaluable experience in handling large Multi-DC Site Operations and Monitoring. From our experience, we understand needs of infrastructure monitoring better and can design customized dashboards or solutions to monitor complete infrastructure as per customer requirements

Software Development Services

Our recent development projects include providing Distributed Storage, Queueing, Messaging, Caching solutions, Web & Mobile App development, Service Virtualization – Including ERP, Auth, Payment processors, SAP, Database, external service providers, Elastic search & Solr based indexing

Performance and Functional Testing

We have tons of experience in Performance and Cloud Hosted testing for large consumer companies. We have successfully executed large number of projects on automated testing with Unit, Functional, Performance, Scalability & Reliability and Integration testing

Big Data Services

Our Big Data expertise includes working on projects involving Hadoop HDFS storage, MR based processing, Managing and monitoring large Hadoop cluster, building custom Hadoop / Hive based solutions, Big Data aggregation & Big data analytics, Real-time data processing with Apache Spark and Storm

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