Java Testing

Java Testing

Java Testing includes testing of Java/J2EE applications during development cycle. Locating and fixing performance problems during source code development time is arguably the cheapest way to resolve problems. As your project goes past the development phase, in to testing and deployment, the cost of fixing problems grows exponentially. Java Testing ensures that the h6roblems in source code are addressed as and when you are developing. Java Testing also includes generating test classes for your source code and executing it with different parameters ensuring that your source works fine in all possible scenarios. Java Testing ensures fully functional, highly intelligent test classes that understand your application and test your source files thoroughly. Most of the applications today are designed and developed for simultaneous use by a large number of users. At times there are underlying problems in the code, which may cause error conditions such as Memory leaks, Race conditions, Thread locks, causing the application to slow down or even crash. Java Testing ensures that the application is available, reliable, scalable and makes the most optimal use of the available resources. Java Testing typically can be categorised into following crucial modules:

  • Java Code Testing : Java Code Testing involves testing your java source code against industry standard coding rules and ensuring that your java source is stable, optimized, consistent, portable and is compliant with coding standards. Automated Java Code Testing is more efficient and less error prone as compared to manual code reviews. Java Code Testing accomplishes a thorough and accurate review that checks for all defined cases. An automated Java Code Testing boosts development, saves cost and enhances the application quality by performing a test function or code review with greater consistency and in much lesser time. Performing such accurate reviews manually is tiresome, tedious and expensive. Automated Java Code testing also gives the ability and flexibility to a project manager to enforce coding standards and statistical quality control measures. The indicators of code size, complexity, and density can be computed using automated Java Code testing, which helps in the quality control of the code.

    Automated Code testing of java source can be implemented using AppPerfect Java Code Test. AppPerfect Java Code Test offers you a variety of options to test and optimize your application and make it free of bugs and problems. AppPerfect Java Code Test is a static Java code analysis software designed to perform the two key tasks: Automate Java Code review and Enforce Good Java Coding Practices. AppPerfect Java Code Test can analyze your Java and Java Server Pages (JSP) source code and implements over 750 Java coding rules to check your code for consistency, portability, stability, optimisation and coding standards.

    Java Code testing tool
  • Java Unit Testing : Java Unit testing is an indispensable means of ensuring high quality Java/J2EE application. Java Unit testing generally refers to concentrated and focused testing of each smallest logical unit of your Java/J2EE application. This unit may be a module, a package, a file, or a class. It is highly recommended that unit tests be conducted at the smallest unit of your application. Java Unit Testing is the building block of your testing infrastructure. As you develop new "units" of your application, you should also simultaneously develop units tests for them. Java Unit Testing includes generating test classes for your source code and executing it with different parameters ensuring that your source module works fine in all possible scenarios.

    Unit testing of Java/J2EE applications can be implemented using AppPerfect Java Unit Test. AppPerfect Java Unit Test is a complete unit testing system. It automates the generation and execution of unit tests. AppPerfect Java Unit Test goes beyond generating simple stub classes for JUnit testing. It generates fully functional, highly intelligent test classes that understand your application and test your source files thoroughly. AppPerfect Java Unit Test also provides complete code coverage data after test execution. This enables you to view the code path taken by the test case and adjust the test case as needed. With AppPerfect Java Unit Test the efforts you, as a programmer, have to put into Java Unit Testing is greatly reduced.

    Java Unit Test tool
  • Java Profiling : Java Profiling is the process of monitoring various JVM level parameters such as Method Execution, Thread Execution, Object Creation and Garbage Collection. Java Profiling provides you with a finer view of your target application execution and its resource utilization. Java Profiling eliminates the need to spend long hours going through the code, and pinpoints the problems associated with your application. Java Profiling provides complete and accurate statistical information that helps you trace coding errors in your application. Java Profiling helps you diagnose and resolve performance problems, memory leaks and multi-threading problems in your Java or J2EE server applications to ensure the highest level of stability and scalability for your applications. Java Profiling provides you with a root-cause analysis of these problems and helps you resolve them.

    Java Profiling can be implemented using AppPerfect Java Profiler. AppPerfect Java Profiler provides you a unified view of all resources that is memory, methods, threads and monitors to help you understand your JVM's behavior, performance characteristics etc. to reach to bottom of problem quickly. AppPerfect Java Profiler is a comprehensive Java performance tuning solution with support for Heap Analysis, Thread Analysis, Monitor analysis and Deadlocks detection. AppPerfect Java Profiler is one of the best and finest profiler available in the large market of profilers.

    Java Profiler tool

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