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If you are a new user of AppPerfect, we highly recommend browsing through our AppPerfect User Forums. You will find a wealth of information regarding product usage and answers to frequently asked questions.

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AppPerfect provides a number of hands-on tutorials to help you understand our products. Please visit AppPerfect Tutorials Home for a list of available tutorials.

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AppPerfect provides a number of online demos to highlight product features. Please visit AppPerfect Online Demos Home for a list of available demos

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If you are a new user of AppPerfect, or are new to the latest version of AppPerfect products, we strongly recommend you to go through the documentation to better understand the products.

Product Documentation

Misc Documentation

  • Java Coding Rules - Implemented by AppPerfect Java Code Test
  • Change log - Listing the major changes/enhancements made to the various AppPerfect products over the past few releases.
  • Product Installation Guide - For detailed installation instructions (including for headless Unix boxes) for the latest release of AppPerfect software.
  • License Server Installation Guide - For detailed installation instructions (including for headless Unix boxes) for AppPerfect Floating License Server.

Reporting Bugs/Enhancements
Submit a bug/enhancement report online. This is the most efficient means of contacting AppPerfect Support.

Contact AppPerfect Support:
You can reach AppPerfect Technical Support by either phone or e-mail. Please use the following information to contact AppPerfect Support. We are located in Cupertino, California, USA. Our normal business hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time Monday to Friday.
Phone : 408-252-4100
E-mail: support(at)


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AJAX Testing
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Web Load Testing
Web Application Load Testing
Web Services Load Testing
Database Load Testing
Distributed Load Testing
AJAX Load Testing
Flash Load Testing

Application Testing
.Net Testing / GUI Testing

Test Manager
Automated Test Management
Agentless Monitor
Server Monitoring
Website Monitoring/URL Monitoring
Java Monitoring
SNMP Network Monitoring
Web Server Monitoring
Database Monitoring

Java Testing
Java Code Analysis
Java Profiling
Java Unit Test


Hosted Web Testing
Software Testing Services

Big Data



Cloud Testing
Web Testing
Load Testing
Automated Testing
Web Services Testing
IT Monitoring
Java Testing
Java Code Testing
Java Performance
Java Unit Testing
Java Coding Rules

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Eclipse Plugins
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JDeveloper Plugins
JBuilder Plugins
IntelliJ IDEA Plugins


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Agentless Monitor Admin Guide
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