AppPerfect Product Licensing

AppPerfect supports various licensing mechanism, please find below details about them:-

  • Desktop License: This license entitles usage of product by a single registered user on a single machine.
  • Floating License: This license allows to install product on one central machine which serves as license server for all users. Each end user should install product on his/her local machine and must request for a license from the license server. Additionally, a floating license is also required to use the products via a remote desktop or terminal services must. Price listed below are per concurrent user.
  • Annual Maintenance includes free technical and free upgrades to all new releases of the product for the time the maintenance is in effect. All purchases include 15 days of free technical support. Annual maintenance is needed to request license transfers.
  • Taxes, Shipping & Handling: All orders are processed within 1 business day. All products are shipped electronically, no media is shipped. No sales taxes, VAT or other surcharges are levied on your order.
  • Return Policy: Purchase with confidence. All AppPerfect products licenses come with a 15-day full money back guarantee.

Product Name & Description

Desktop License

Floating License

Annual Maintenance

AppPerfect Load Test

Simulate 1000's of Web and database users. License includes 25 virtual users.
Additional virtual users cost $1 per user.
$299 $399 $99

AppPerfect Web Test

Functional testing for Web applications. Easy-to-use browser events record and replay.
$299 $399 $99

AppPerfect App Test

Functional Tester for Windows/GUI/.Net/Java applications. Easy-to-use native application events record and replay.
$299 $399 $99

AppPerfect Java Code Test

Automatically analyze, diagnose, review and repair Java/JSP code.
$299 $399 $99

AppPerfect Java Unit Test

Automatically generate and execute JUnit unit tests for Java code.
$299 $399 $99

AppPerfect Java Profiler

Memory, Performance/CPU, Thread profiling for Java/J2EE.
$299 $399 $99

AppPerfect Test Manager

Requirements Manager, Tests Manager, Issues/Defects/Bugs Manager, Test Scheduler, Results Notifications, Reporting / Trend Analysis. This is a server-based software. Normally only 1 server is needed per company.
N/A $499 per server. $199

AppPerfect Agentless Monitor

Server / Network / Application / Database / SNMP Monitoring. System consists of Monitor server  and device Monitors. No agents needed. Easy to setup and use.
AppPerfect Agentless Monitor license price has two components: Monitor Server and device Monitors. Monitor Server license price is US $599 per server. Device Monitor license price is $19 per monitored machine. Server - $199
Monitors/Controllers - $9

AppPerfect Starter Pack

A 6-hour package of Web-based training and consulting. Includes a 2-hour of hands-on training, plus flexible use of remaining 4 hours for implementation (setup, configuration, test creation, etc.)
$399 N/A N/A

AppPerfect Support/Upgrade

Purchase of a license includes 15 days of technical support from date of purchase. An Annual Maintenance contract must be purchased for further technical support. Annual Maintenance provides Free technical support and free upgrades to ALL major and minor releases of the product you purchased as long as maintenance is current. AppPerfect makes frequent releases. Review the Change Log for details.

How to purchase AppPerfect products:

AppPerfect products can be purchased and paid for in one of following ways:

  1. Purchase at AppPerfect Web Store and pay via Paypal Express Checkout

    Check out with PayPal

  2. Calling AppPerfect at 1-408-252-4100 with your credit card information. Note: Only available during US office hours 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.

  3. Sending a fax or mailing us a company Purchase Order. Terms for all invoices is Net 30 Days from day order is fulfilled. Payment can be made either via a check made in US Dollars or a wire transfer in US dollars. Please call or email AppPerfect Sales for wire transfer information. Mailing Address for PO:

    AppPerfect Corporation
    ATTN: Sales
    20065 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 2A
    Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
    Tel: 1-408-252-4100
    Email: sales (at)